Orbtime is a Drop7 / Chainfactor clone for the Pebble smart watch with a twist: time orbs. Make chains while time orbs representing the current time change their numbers in real time.

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In Orbtime for Pebble, you drop numbered orbs one at a time which eventually clear themselves.

In order for an orb to clear, the orb's number must be equal to the number of orbs in its row or column. One too many or one too little and the orb will stay on the field.

There are basic orbs and time orbs. Time orbs are distinguished by their sharp corner. The direction of the sharp corner determines the type of time orb: a day orb, hour orb, minute orb, or the fast changing second orb.

The magic number is 7, you have a field size of 7 rows x 7 columns. Although this is a sizable amount of space at first, you must be careful with the amount of space you have left when constructing chains.

At the left of the field is the level indicator which contains as many bars as you have drops left. When you reach zero drops, you progress to the next level and have your field raised by a line of garbage orbs. Garbage orbs eventually turn into a numbered orb after orbs next to them clear.

When you fill the entire field or cause the level-garbage-raise to make a column with 8 orbs, it's Game Over.

A drop indicator line is visible on the field to help you decide where you want to drop your piece. Drop where your floating orb will clear or construct a formation that will form a chained clear -- orbs always fall which may trigger more clears.

After you master Normal difficulty there is Hard which significantly reduces the amount of drops you have per level to five. You still have time orbs, and you'll always be given a numbered orb to drop. Hard mode is not for the faint of heart as you will be feeling the pressure early on.

If you are wondering what a certain time orb will have as its number, simply press back and glance at the time orbs in the main menu. The time orbs in the main menu also include wrap dots which you can use to decipher the current time.