Droptype is a new match-4 falling block puzzle game for the Pebble smart watch. Try making chains under pressure while keeping yourself from overflowing, or just drop blocks and watch them clear themselves.

Hover over or press any screenshot.

Or, if you have a Pebble, try the game out.

In Droptype for Pebble, your only options are to move left, right, or drop (just enough buttons to do so :).

A drop indicator is visible on the field to help you decide if you want to drop your piece. Drop where you would match four of the same type, or construct a formation that will form a match when blocks clear -- gravity pushes blocks down always.

However, the drop timer to the right of your floating piece shrinks to nothing and forces a drop if you take too long to decide.

You have a wide playing field of 10 rows x 18 columns, but Droptype knows this and will give you pieces larger than any other falling block game you've encountered.

Each time you chain-clear, you are awarded free blocks. A free blocks indicator becomes visible above the field when you acquire your first free block.

For each block you drop that overflows above the final tenth row, you lose a free block. When you overflow without any free blocks it's Game Over.

A chain indicator appears for each clear beyond the first showing you your spectacular move. For score keepers, the score momentarily flashes the additional score you obtain when a clear occurs.

After you master Normal difficulty there is Hard which includes a fifth type: the right triangle. Blocks will not spontaneously clear as often with five types.

If you wish to play technically, or just want to use it as a watch-face, you can enter Infinity Mode which eliminates the drop timer. Simply press back to access it in the game menu.